Benefits of a Raw dog diet

Many dog owners and even nutritionists are swearing in the raw food diet model when it comes to feeding their dogs and in this article I will outline some of the benefits of a raw dog food diet.

1. Improved dental health along with improved breath smell. 
Owners who are feeding their dogs with raw meat and bones have noticed a significant improvement in oral health because the meat and bones dont stick to their teeth unlike commercial dog food.

2. Improved digestion
The natural way of dog diet brings the improved digestion with it. 

3. Improved skin and coat
This is one of the benefits we are all glad to hear about. Specially for the dogs with some skin allergies.

4. Leaner body mass
With the proper meat choices your dog will not be processing any of the negative fats and will have a proper amount of protein in its diet.

These are just some of the benefits for your dog. But before making any diet changing decisions make sure that you speak with your vet and do all of the analysis. 

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